Sprinkle Islands Games

Dedicated fans want to see sequels of popular games. Sprinkle Islands is a sequel that is sure to make a good impression. Mediocre was the development team behind the latest release. Sprinkle Islands is a beautiful game and invites players to an ocean location. These flash games can be a great way to spend some […]

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Feed Me Oil

Take charge in a clever puzzle game that was recently released. Feed Me Oil is a physics based puzzle game that has wowed players so far. The concept is simple and the animations are cute too. Feed Me Oil will introduce players to some special puzzles that need to be completed quickly. Speed is of […]

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Crush The Castle Review

Flash games like Crush the Castle have an enduring popularity among true fans. Armor Games was the development team behind Crush the Castle. The popularity of Crush the Castle has promoted the game and even spawned a few sequels. It is a siege style game that tests the mettle of players everywhere. The realistic graphics […]

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