If you want a game that is unique and different but also resembles the games that you already know and love Snail Bob might be the game for you. It is a side scrolling puzzle adventure game that is great for children and adult and everyone in between. Snail Bob is a great game if you are looking fro something that is challenging but also fun.

Sometimes when you want a challenging game you are brought a puzzle game that is impossible to beat. But since you asked for a challenge you can’t really complain about the results. With this game you are brought a challenge but also a game that is not something that you can’t get by. snailbob.io is hard but since it is made to be played by everyone, the challenges are not as hard as you would expect.

It’s all about timing, when should you press the traps to make sure that Bob gets by smoothly with no trouble. What should you press to make sure that things won’t fall on poor Bob’s head while he’s sliding by. This is why it’s a fun challenge for kids, the game is to help teach you about timing and other puzzles too.

Some levels include multiple puzzles where you have to decide which obstacle will help you pass the level, and which obstacles will ruin your winning streak. If you do lose, you have to start over at the beginning of the level and try again.

Once you do succeed and complete all of the levels, don’t be upset, because there are 7 more versions of the game to play and all of them have different plots so you will never have to worry about being tired of the same routine in every single game.

The first game you are looking for your new home, the second game you are bringing a gift to your grandpa snail because it is his birthday and you were invited to a party, The third game you get to go to a museum with your grandpa snail and you accidentally get caught up in a time machine and end up in Egypt where you have to fight off mummies. But all of the games stay true to the original concept. There are puzzles and obstacles and you have to find your way through them.

This game is truly a masterpiece, and if you ever want something that is fun and unique you should look into Snail Bob. It’s fun and will keep you, or your kids, entertained for hours.