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Why Online Flash Games Are Better Than Mobile Games

Why Online Flash Games Are Better Than Mobile Games

Despite what most would think, flash games are not dead. They amass for a billion-dollar industry. Flash games are also the best alternative for mobile games if not, they are better from many points of view. Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. No invasive ads. Mobile games are notorious for being extremely annoying with in-game ads. Flash games rarely have ads built into them.
  2. No predatory monetization tactics. Unlike any other type of games, flash games do not ask for money for simple pixels on the screen. Predatory selling of boosts, skins or other types of bonuses is a rare practice when it comes to flash games.
  3. Can be played on low-end computers. Due to the way flash games are designed, they require almost no resources at all. The only downside is that they tend to increase energy consumption thus drain batteries faster. However, you can play flash games on old laptops, computers, at home, at work or even at school.
  4. Huge diversity. There are more flash games available to play online than all mobile games combined. There are tower defense games, RPGs, RTS, and even shooter flash games. Some of the most popular mobile games started as simple online flash games.
  5. You will always be able to play them. Old games rarely work on modern computers. Online flash games do not suffer from this problem. They will work on any computer even 10 years from now as long as it has the Flash Player plugin installed.
  6. The vast majority of adults prefer to play online flash games while at work rather than mobile games. The reason for this is quite simple. When you play mobile games, you are stuck looking at your phone for longer periods of time. This makes it quite obvious as to what you are doing at work with the smartphone in your hand. Online flash games, on the other hand, you play them in a separate browser tab, on a laptop or computer. In order for someone to tell what it is that you are doing, they will have to look directly into your monitor.

Any way you look at it, flash games are not dead. They are one of the most popular types of online games right now due to their reach and accessibility. Diversity is also an important part. There are so many different games that online flash games invented new genres and gave birth to very addictive games. They might not have the best graphics but their goals are to be playable for as many people as possible.

13 Aug, 2019

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